Credo- The journey so far…

In February this year film director Will Wright approached me and 7 others to write music for a new series he was putting together called Credo. I had worked with Will before- on his immersive installation “Hyperstition” which was put on at Slackspace, Colchester in October 2009.  He emailed me the script, which I found interesting and novel. I was immediately taken by the concept which was as entertaining as it was thought provoking, with some very good lines. The first phase was to put up a website then write some music to set the scene of this production, then the same music could be edited, or re-composed to fit the soundtrack and even make a spin-off music project. This blog is to intended to show what Ive done so far, and this will be updated as I progress. Filming is due to start this month (June 11) and the first pilot will be available freely in an 8 part web-based series

So after a meeting at the George Hotel in Colchester I set about working up some ideas.

Setting the scene

A strong point of Credo is its atmosperic settings, so my first piece was written with a confrontational feel in mind, this refers to a particular moment in the script. I look to create a feel of a growing intensity with a long, sustained period of release.


The next piece is about a specific moment when a character called the Reverend (a former Magickian) performs a shamanic ritual. This piece “Didg” is a variation on “Didgeridoo” a piece that I premiered with Sarah Watts at “New music in Quad”. I set out to create a sweaty, shamanic piece, with structured sections of tension build up and release- I listened to some tribal stuff I had on CD but didn’t  want to sample or process it, far too obvious for me, so I created my own version with drum machines and sampled a collection of african and Indian drums borrowed from my friends, Sarah Watts appears via the multiphonic samples I put together for the original “Didgeridoo”. Note this has nothing to do with the Aphex Twin piece of the same name!


The Characters

As well as writing some scene setting material, another idea stemming from that meeting at The George was to write some pieces that interpreted the characters- excerpts of which could be used within the series, or used in full, or even expanded for spin-off purposes- these are used extensively on the Credo blogsite as a means of publicity and helping to illustrate the character descriptions. There are seven main characters- I’ve finished two here- and the next one Ransom Im currently finishing. When this is done I will be adding it to this post.

Jason Flynn Is a disturbed teenager with a unique gift. Hoodie.

Dayton Bridge, Gangster

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