Credo- The journey so far part IV

The Reverend. For this character sketch I was given specific musical directions as to feel. Turvan throat singing was one; singing bowls, middle eastern strings and finally a specific piece of music which I’ve included the link for here:-

I really didn’t want to re-create The Orbitals piece, there would be no point and it would be nowhere near as good as their work, so I started first with the Turvan throat singing. To do this I enlisted a friend/ music collegue of mine who does a fair amount of both Turvan and Georgian singing, often singing with a georgian choir. I got her to do only three pitches, the root, the fifth and the octave. This was her strongest sounds and on these notes she could do a variety of sounds; aooorrrrr, ahhh, and arrrrr were particularly strong. From the start I had it in mind to do sample and pitch shift for effect so I then loaded these samples into sampler and layered the different sounds on various not ranges with overlapping layers; for example on C there are both Aorrr and Arrr sounds together, which when mixed sounds much more like a group or choir, which was my intention.

Having got my sounds I then went about creating parts based on symmetrical C maj and C/F# tritone, with additional clusters based on 2nds. I am a great fan of Gyorgy Ligeti’s Lux Aeterna and I wanted something of that otherworldly, spiritualĀ feel- without descending into pastiche- something I hate. So my approach was to make that influence my own by voicing the samples in layers of clusters and symmetical chords and pitch shifting the three notes to get all the others.

To get the singing bowls, I created a couple of FM synthesis patches, which took the sound a bit futher and the bells were cast-off samples & parts from Radar Point. The overall structure of this piece is designed to both take in a little of the Orbital’s track (namely the celesta part) and to provide contrast/ development that reveals more than the choir of Turvan thoat singing samples.

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