Monthly Archives: August 2011

New Piece: Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley is a piece written about the “Uncanny Valley” phenomenon described by Masahiro MoriĀ of how humans react to life-like robots, in particular the uncomfortable feeling that is often observed when encountering life-like robots. This is largely down to a … Continue reading

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New piece: Electric Guitar Quartet

This piece explores the idea of taking an arrangement for a traditional string quartet but playing the 4 parts on an overdriven, distorted electric guitar. I started work on this project a few months ago but it was forever being … Continue reading

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Soundfjord’s micro fest and graphic scores

Last Sunday saw Soundfjord celebrate their first birthday, and to help them celebrate I had written a piece specially for this event (and no, it had nothing to do with H*ppy b*rthday!). The birthday celebration took the form of a … Continue reading

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