New Music Against The Grain- December 3rd 2011- Slackspace, Colchester

New Music Against The Grain

This was my second installment of curating new music which sits somewhere outside of classical music. Again I divided the evening into two distinct sections of acousmatic (playback) pieces, live electronics and live performance. The main act were Midnight Llama, who were playing in town playing their inaugural gig. Chrissie Caulfield have given a masterclass in writing for the 5 string acoustic and 5 string electric violin and so it was a good opportunity to invite them to come down and play their first gig in Colchester.

Before then I started with the acousmatic pieces. First was Norah Lorway with Alone Together (Hospital Suites), a work devised for BEAST but rendered in stereo for this concert.

alone together (hospital suites) by norah lorway

This was followed by my version of Straight Line Music by Lauren Redhead  I’ve done separate blog about this here

Lauren Redhead “Straight Line Music”

Alan Parsons (director of CNM) had a piece in, which I realised for him from his formscheme. This involved sampling his wooden recorder and pitching the samples across the piano range, then turning some into percussive sounds, others into sustained, organ-like sounds. The piece is based around stacked fourths which come in and out, with interruptions. I added the piano part as an experiment, which involved 6 hands to play the parts! Alan approved..

“Sound Recorder” by Alan Parsons

The live part then followed:

Sam Grinsell played some lovely ambient slide guitar accompanied by field recordings

After a short break Midnight Llama played 5 new pieces, all premieres :-

1. Carrion Comfort (graphic score) by Caitlin Rowley– this is the Midnight Llama interpretation of the graphic score that I did here

2. Chorale by Chrissie Caulfield

3. Notes to myself no10 by Eric Craven

4.  Lines that have been drawn on photographs of sculpture by Lauren Redhead

5. Llamas Return by Chrissie Caulfield

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