First rpm12 piece -Demolished Station, Bedfordshire

This is the first piece of my #rpm12 challenge. Last month I visited Arlesey in Bedforshire to record express trains hurtling up the East Coast Main Line, for another piece, destined for Colchester New Music Day 2012, featuring Chrissie Caulfield on Electric Violin with Scaw.

I used to live on the East Coast Main Line at Stevenage many,many years ago and as a schoolboy I got to know the sounds quite well, so with a bit of research via Google Earth I found the exact spot I was looking for. At first glance it seemed rather odd that the spot I chose had this old-fashioned, but updated, railway bridge that didn’t seem to lead anywhere other than the other side of the track and the nearby building, once a pub, now a day nursery looked as if it should be a station building. The spot seemed rather atmospheric with lots of additonal sounds that I managed to record, so immediately, there seemed to be enough material for a seperate electroacoustic piece.

Later on I found out this was the spot of the Three Counties Railway Station, which was closed in 1959 and whose role was to access the nearby Fairfield Mental Hospital, then called the Three Counties Insane Asylum, now converted into flats.

The piece is at the end of this blog, below the pictures.


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2 Responses to First rpm12 piece -Demolished Station, Bedfordshire

  1. Love the piece, Stuart! And lovely to see the photos and hear about the history of the location too. More! More!

  2. Adam Wilson says:

    Hi Stuart – cool stuff. I know this location and I too used to live in Stevenage and spend many hours waiting for the Deltics to hurtle under the bridge at Roaring Meg! My dad still lives within earshot of the line.


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