Max for Dead- Live!

This blog is all about an overlooked install bug in Max for Live on the PC platform.

I’ve created a variety of synth patches in PD (puredata) which I wanted to port over to Max for Live as a more streamlined way of working without using an audio bridge such as Jack (or Soundflower on Mac), so I downloaded the 28 day trial version of Max for Live with intent on purchasing it when I was satisfied this was the way to go. There are a few differences between PD and Max but they can be adapted from PD to Max quite easily.

Anyhow downloaded authorised trial version, went ok, opened Live 8.2.8 up, opened a max instrument and…kaboom! “this application has enountered a serious problem and will now close” Oh Joy.

Did the obvious things: unistalled and resinstalled both, deleted any files left in preferences opened it all up and again…kaboom program closes and wont let back in again- had to restart machine.

By now Im getting a bit pissed off with this, did some googling on both the Cycling’74 and Ableton Live forums, and found lots of people with similar problems but no obvious solutions. Its now Sunday night, Ive sent off a crash report as Ableton requests and Ive sent support an email, with the crash log. Had a polite reply with a case number to quote come back and  not much else.

Monday- tried an experiment- downloaded the trial full version of max 6, opened up Live and swapped max folders from Max 5 to Max 6, and it worked. Trouble is, at present I dont need the full Max 6 and there is a risk of compatibility from Max for Live and Max 6- besides purchasing Max 6 and max for live was an expensive way to go, even with cross grade discount. Anyhow, as Max 6 worked, I foolishly tried swapping the folders back to Max 5 and Kaboom again, only this time it bluescreened my laptop!! Which is worth mentioning in so far that Ableton NEVER has done that before, or even so much as burp, despite me often live editing during gigs! Hmmmmm

By now its Tuesday, still no word from support. So I did some more research and this time found an entry from someone who had been down a similar path, back in 2009,  but the clue was the he had also used a trial version of max 5 in the past and had let it expire-

He found three files to be the cause MaxAudio.dll, MaxPlug.dll and maxAPI.dll in the windows\system32 folder- these are faulty and outdated files. So I removed these and voila- IT NOW WORKS!

Its now Wednesday, my PD patches are now running great in Max for Live,  (after Ive done some conversions) and Ive since purchased the application, sound quality is great and so far, no problems and it has made my workflow more streamlined, plus I can run supercollider from inside Max.

I heard from Support last Friday, thay gave me suggestions about deleting previous preference files, which I did, but no mention of the files Ive listed above, I wrote back exlaining what I did and that it now all worked properly.

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