Nancarrows Bombe

This is a further exploration of the Nancarrow player piano samples- this time realised as a percussive piece by putting samples, selected by octaves into drum machines (abletons Impulse) then programmed as if a percussion piece. The idea of the Bombe (electro-mechanical code-breaking computer used at Bletchley Park), is a tentative connection between the barrel and paper system of the player piano and the drums of the Bombe.

This is a process piece, and I composed it with stages of a process in mind, much like the operations of the Bombe, the re-construction of which I viewed in operation at Bletchley Park a couple of years ago- thus music may appear to speed up and slow down; finally it becomes more sparse, imitating the Bombe when it nears the end of a calculation.

In keeping with Nancarrow this piece is impossible to play unless by mechanical or electronic sequencing. It celebrates mechanistica/electronica. Piece is at the end of this blog

Reconstructed Bombe “Phoenix” at Bletchley Park

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Composer/ sound artist. Electronic musician. Modern classical composer
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