A whispered Shout

A whispered shout

Im due to perform on Aug 3rd at Matthews Yard, Croydon as part of “A Whispered Shout”. I’ve been thinking about my recent performances which have been standard laptop running ableton with launchpad, control surface and MIDI keyboard, but also recent material- the album “thin white layers” on Xylem records, net result being i have a lot of stuff to play and some recent interesting field recordings & new compositions developing.

So I’m thinking about doing an experiment; taking a lead from club DJs and some of the papers in music and/as process conference and presenting very different pieces in a single continuum. Dance Djs do this by having a continuous beat holding everything together, which I wont have, so Im going try fusing textures with improvisations, standalone pieces, and concrete sounds to make a larger macro piece out of the content, whilst trying to avoid sounding like an obvious medley-!

I have no idea how this is going to work, but thats the whole fun of experimenting!!

A whispered shout starts at 1.30 pm.

The complete set is now on youtube here:

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Composer/ sound artist. Electronic musician. Modern classical composer
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