New album: Resonances

Resonances is a collection of pieces in which content is completely taken from recorded input, no generative synthesis has been used. My primary tools were Abletons Sampler and Max for Live. The first Study Zither I, dates from 2010, and when I produced this one I didnt have Ableton live! This version was done with Cubase and an AKAIs3000XL sampler, an instrument I have to this day, plus Csound which I used for processing. The zither was an untunable antique which had been loaned to me, Id given up on tuning it after several fruitless hours, so I used it as a sound source as it was. Interestingly several strings made some nice microtonal sounds, so I exploited this and composed around the source material I had available to me. The piece was featured at the conference “Sonic Artists Wales 2010”. Zither II, III, and IV was done in autumn of this year and use the same source material as before, only this time with Ableton Live and Max for Live as tools, which allowed me to extend the sounds and make the further compositions-

Coil Spring I, II, III Are all taken from this percussion device here:-


  Coil Spring

This is also used in a larger-scale piece for the 48-channel Sound Spiral, these studies provide compositional material for the larger-scale piece as well as these standalone compositions. There is also a live version here


Finally From Bells and Brass is a stereo mixdown of the 4 channel piece used in this years CNM2013 concert, which used only brass and bell sounds, and In Ore Camulodunum written for the opening of firstsite in Colchester



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