CSMA at Network Music Festival 28th September 2014

We are delighted to announce we have confirmed for this years Network Music Festival. We are going to perform “Crowd Sources” which utilizes submitted audio samples of up to 30 Seconds in length as the sole source material. We will soon be putting out a call for submissions from anyone whose got an interesting sound they would like to share. We will then take all these sounds and use where possible- these could be used in any manner of forms from rhythmic loops to granularised samples used as the basis for synth patches. What we do will depend on what we receive!

About CSMA : a laptop/ synthesizer/ live electronics duo (myself and Chrissie Caulfield) who are expanding practices of live electroacoustic music, often taking techniques from other musical areas and applying them to “art music”. We are not just confined to laptops but make use of hardware synths, electric instruments and hardware effects.

We intend to use Integra live,  an open source application developed at Birmingham Conservatoire. We like its format for live use, and this project will entail us developing our own set of modules to realise this piece. Will will blog our progress on the CSMA website as we go-

About “Crowd Sources”: 

Crowd Sources reflects the growing trend of posting audio on the internet. In the same way as is now common place to publish snapshots, selfies etc via instagram. This is not just musicians publishing their work but people posting all sorts of sounds they find interesting and want to share; something that hasn’t happened until this decade. So this piece is constructed entirely from sound snippets that people have donated to us via a social media network call for recordings which we will use to improvise on. The performance will be recorded and made available on the internet also via social media. This is an improvised piece to reflect the transient nature of social media audio posting. The structure of the piece is ultimately dictated by the length of performance slot we are given.

About stuartrussellcomposer

Composer/ sound artist. Electronic musician. Modern classical composer
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