Thunder ,rain, trains, cars, coil springs and tunnel sounds coming to the Soundspiral

One of my major projects for this year is my commission for the Soundspiral at Sonophilia in Lincoln this year- the Soundspiral is a unique inflatable tunnel with 48 speakers lining the inside (plus 4 subwoofers) and the general theme about my piece “Spiralsounds” is making music that makes the best use of this unique speaker environment. Part of the piece will explore similar underground experiences such as the Greenwich foot tunnel, which runs under the Thames between Greenwich and the Isle of Dogs, well known for is echo effects when people walk through, another is the long passageway in a local train station, plus various underground stations. 

In addition to exploring and transforming tunnel sounds in the space will be applying outside sounds and pure, synthesized sounds to this environment to hear, by way of a contrast, how these things come across in a completely different setting. Finally this is going to be a piece of music as well as an exploration of the installation, with a composition that ties all these things together into a cohesive piece that will go from inside sounds, outside sounds, and pure synthesized sounds, making use of its potential wave field synthesis possibilities, which will be unconventional, if possible, due to speaker arrangement. I’m hoping to be able to do this live, with Daz DIsley doing live diffusion. 

This is very new territory to me and not something that can be easily simulated in my studio; I’ve worked with quad, octophonic and 7:1 surround but nothing like this, so on the 19th of September I will be visiting with my equipment to hear for myself how it may work, from there on I may need to make very different strategies, or not, from the point I’m currently at with it.  There are a few circular playback systems in this country which encircle the audience but to have a space where the speakers are above, around and in a tunnel, is very unique and very exciting, to say the least,,




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