Spinning Machine music

This piece is one of several recently that are much more minimalistic, rhythmic, partly due to my role in CSMA but also having bought the Arturia Beatstep I’ve got much more into live beat manipulation because this has dual roles that cun run concurrently; as a step sequencer one can shorten or lengthen the bar, mute or unmute steps (notes), shorten or lengthen the notes, speed it up or slow down, and transpose the note values- all independent of the computer- so I can put multi-tempi together and improvise with the rhythm- and still have all the sequencer facilities in Ableton Live. So often new kit or techniques can inspire new ways of working- Ive done a series of pieces which are based around step sequencing.

However this piece is part of something Ive wanted to do for a while- exploration of industrial sounds and rhythms. Having a background as an engineer but in audio and electronics/mechanics Ive had a background of industrial noises, however modern engineering tools have got much quieter over the years and one often cant find the cacophony of noises and rhythms these days, and so its nowhere near as fertile sample ground!

So this piece comes as a result of a chance trip into Armley Industrial Museum- where somebody was demonstrating a thread spinning machine, which was built around turn of the 19th/20th Centuries and still had the overhead belt drives- (but long since converted to electric). Armed with zoom recorder it so happened that the machine was being operated on this day and so made the following field recording




This above provided the source material, and the final piece is here:-


There is an 8 track octaphonic mix of this piece. If you would like to diffuse it at a concert- message me




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