New album, new reactions,

Having done several ambient albums, both on my own steam and for Xylem Records I really needed to try something very different, I got bored with my own stuff, and it was getting too easy to make. On top of that I had done the big ambient project Rothko Room, with its gestation period from 1986-2014 so I wanted to create something by way of a contrast.

One of the major things that led to this new album was listening to composer Marc Yeats’ pieces about asynchrionsity- getting the performers off the beat/ bar grid; I had also found similar in James Dillons music at HCMF last year, Why I was so attracted to this is the fact its all too easy to fit electronic music into a grid, in any DAW, and also there is this energy created when musicians react to each other rather than just play in time note 1, etc. The same applies, of course, in good improvisation, in Jazz, blues and rock. I define it personally as cause and effect- and have written about this in previous blog.

So I have now completed the album, using two sound sources, the two analogue synths I had purchased this year; the Korg MS20 mini and the Arturia microbrute.

This time Ive actually had an email of complaint!! “Album is Hard edged, aggressive, intense in an unpleasant way, and not ambient”

Well, I got bored!

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Composer/ sound artist. Electronic musician. Modern classical composer
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