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The dark enigma of USB hubs and Ableton Live 9

So I bought a new synth (Waldorf Blofeld, which Im very pleased with, see later blog review) but of course, now run out of USB ports to drive it. On top of that the old port is not powered and … Continue reading

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Drum machine music research

As part of my drive to explore modern instruments in a new music context I’ve become interested in using drum machines outside of their orthodox pop/techno/EDM roles. The appeal of drum machines for both myself and practitioners in EDM is … Continue reading

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First Electromatronic concert 30th May 2015

For a while Ive wanted to promote & explore live electronic art music, which I feel is still underexplored, at least in the UK. Having collaborated successfully several times with Automatronic, which was set up by a collective of organists … Continue reading

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