Improvising with Korg SQ-1#2

In this improvisation, following on from the first, I introduced the Arturia Beatstep and Microbrute to the Korg SQ1 and Korg MS20 mini setup.

Due to issues with the SQ-1 and Ableton, I clocked the SQ-1 analogue sync in from the Gate out of the Beatstep, whilst also having the Beatstep connect via MIDI USB into Ableton, which in turn sequenced the Microbrute. The only effect was to add ping-pong delays to the two synth inputs.

I ran the two sequencers with the beatstep as the master clock, in improvsing around I found certain parts I liked so I ended up pretty much spontaneously composing a piece, with the same settings, only writing down a structure. This I then recorded straight off the synths. Heres the result

About stuartrussellcomposer

Composer/ sound artist. Electronic musician. Modern classical composer
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