Improvising with SQ1 #3 and introducing a Korg Volca beats into the experiment

Paris to Toulouse is essentially a continuation and slight delveopment of previous track TGV with a different beat structure:

In this ongoing series of looking at techniques of Berlin School electronic music/ techno and taking those techniques into minimalist composition I added a Korg Volca Beats Drum machine last Saturday


So last night I did this piece “Iteration” which is based on live programming of beats of both the drum machine and the sequencers. This starts with a loop of rests and gradually builds up by adding notes and beats at a time, when the sequencers are full I then start taking stuff out but in a way whereby the bars become shorter as opposed to notes becoming rests again. This is not done globally across all 3 devices at once but as I resond to whats going on- this is the improv bit. Originally I was going to make this an arch form and have it go back to be beginning, but I thought it would be more fun to mutate it and come to a sudden end.

Here is the result

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