This album is the conclusion of the previous blogs about improvising with the SQ-1 (at least in part). There are some new tracks which extend the practice as a drum machine was added (easy to use the samples in Ableton live but in this case I liked working with the drum machines interface which allowed live input and therefore improvisation) also as the album progressed I wished to gradually move away from the impression of speed into a more richer landscape, thus providing a sense of journey though.


As with the blogs that lead up to this all the material has been sourced from improv sessions in my studio with this kit in real time, however being composer minded, improv isnt always enough in itself- what happened with several pieces is they start as improvisations, the material recorded, then they get composed (shaped) into specific pieces, still recorded live, just rehearsed! The later tracks became more traditional studio arrangements with overdubs.

Part of this project was to re-explore Berlin School electronic music, which is a genre that falls almost completely outside academically-noted mainstream history of electronic music (apart from music technologists, oddly) and minimalism/ pattern making, but having those patterns sequencer based allowing precision and complex layering but still allowing human intervention. Berlin school was my introduction to electronic music back in the 1980s so part of my thinking was to revisit this, but with my knowledge of composition as it is now.

It also follows on from music I had recently done as part of CMSA (tpe) and some awful concerts of electronic music I recently heard, which spurred me to get on, as it were.

There is a brief review of the album here

Patterning is something I wish to explore more, which there will be further blogs about

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