Experimenting with algorithms and Novation Launchpad #2

Following on from previous experiment, with this one I had streamlined the process and limited the input voices to one synthesizer the Korg MS20 (with effects)

Also I streamlined the looping system in Ableton to only turn on a resampling channel for record when being recorded into, hence cutting down the clutter from the other channels

The algorithm, however, is the same as in previous post.

Another feature here was also to make the 8 channels of resampling in an ambisonic mix- for 8 channel diffusion, which I thought appropriate since the concept is based on 8 channels. Should anyone wish to diffuse it, contact me on this site and I will provide the 8 channels.




In the next experiment I will use the same process only with a drum machine. That will then conclude this particular stage of a series of experiments






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Composer/ sound artist. Electronic musician. Modern classical composer
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