Arturia Beatstep Pro Part 2- CV calibration

A common problem with CV voltage control is notes playing in the wrong octave; when I first connected the Arturia microbrute I found the microbrute was playing two octaves higher, no matter what I set the keyboard range to. A quick google found this to be a common problem but there is an easy solution to this, you can set what note you want 0V to be:

its quite simple:

  1. open midi control centre, go to device settings (where Ive highlighted), then scroll down
    midi control centre

Until you see this:


2. Heres what you do- on this set up this works for my microbrute, however if you press the arrow on the C1, a drop down list appears with all the notes and their octaves, you can manually try them until you find one that gives you the correct tuning- in my case setting 0V=C1 solved my problem- but others may be different. This does not affect your MIDI settings.

3. Theres another thing in that as this is the result of voltages, sometimes there can be other factors, esp if a poor connection is causing voltage drops- at one point during setting up of mine I was getting some rather odd results, which turned out to be the CV jack not being in properly! (duh!)




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