MIDI guitar synth project part – the guitar

This is a new series exploring guitars and MIDI implementation guitar synths

Ive been thinking about having a MIDI guitar for ages. I new someone who’d put the Roland GK external hex pickup back in the 90s when the thing to use was the roland/ Boss V pedal, which offered tuning options if you had a GK pickup. My friend was a slide guitarist and so used the set up to get different open tunings rather than turn up at a pub gig with 4 different guitars, all individually tuned.

So I really didnt want to do this to my Gibson Les Paul, esp if I go for an internal fitted one and had been impressed with my partners PRS SE custom 24, so my thinking is 24 frets/tremolo could be interesting with MIDI. So first stage was to obtain the PRS, and I opted for the PRS SE Standard 24- reason being the finish was a lot less elaborate and more suited to being modified (and cheaper as well) but still had the same pickups and hardware

here it is

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