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KORG Kaoss Pad KP3+, and a broken arm

2nd May bank holiday 2018: Bought a Kaoss Pad KP3+ for use in upcoming gig in a week’s time, for which we were rehearsing. Took a break and went for a walk around local country park, got my left foot … Continue reading

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Going live without a laptop

For the last 12+ years whenever I did a live performance I inevitably based my rig around a laptop of some form, ableton Live, some controllers , a good soundcard and that was it. Gradually over the years as my … Continue reading

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Using the Roland MX-1 in the studio: recording BFX and MFX into Ableton Live

  I own two pieces of Roland Aira gear (system 1 and TB3) and a Roland Boutique JX-03, all three of which I use live in CSMA together with my laptop running Ableton live. I bought the MX-1 to ease … Continue reading

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Improvising with Bastl Kastle

  Bastl instruments are well known for thinking outside the box of conventional synthesis, and the Kastle doesn’t disappoint- its one of the strangest and most intriguing things I’ve come across in a while. Its got to be one of … Continue reading

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Its 2017 and we still have USB conflicts in music technology!

Bloody soundcards what are they like? Or rather USB conflicts… I’m setting up my rig for upcoming performance with a borrowed soundcard, a MOTU ultralite MK3 hybrid. I’ve used this device before and it has worked well with my synths, … Continue reading

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Using your sampler as a synth

In this blog Im going to show how a sampler can easily be used a synthesizer with some interesting effects using granular sampling techniques. This can be done with any sampler software or hardware, in fact many hardware samplers used … Continue reading

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Roland Boutique JX-03 and process piece

The Roland Boutiques have been out a while now- and I fancied one since my partner Chrissie bought one – the JU-06 on a whim when they first became available and supposedly limited edition. One year on they’re still making … Continue reading

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