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Composer/ sound artist. Electronic musician. Modern classical composer

Electromatronic 4 at Sonophilia, Lincoln 2nd October 2016

We were delighted to be asked by Amie Slavin to host an Electromatronic evening as part of Sonophilia, Lincolns festival of Sound and Music at St Nicholas Church, Lincoln. For this event we curated… Source: Electromatronic 4 at Sonophilia, Lincoln 2nd … Continue reading

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Electromatronic 3 at Margate

We started out Autumn series mini-tour at the wonderful Tom Thumb Theatre in Margate. This lovely intimate space made for a different atmosphere than the usual large open spaces we’ve played … Source: Electromatronic 3 at Margate

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Music Fail- God that sounds shit

There was an article posted in the Guardian website recently entitled Audio Fail  that has got a lot of people in a lather; sound artists foamed at the mouth and spat blood on Facebook whilst more traditional composers behaved rather smugly … Continue reading

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Review: Tristram Cary Exhibition and concert 9th April 2016

There is a popular but hugely inaccurate thought that anything experimental, cutting edge, avant garde or in anyway progressive happens in big cosmopolitan cities. Although there is lots of historical evidence of this, its by no means the whole picture, … Continue reading

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Arturia Beatstep Pro Part 2- CV calibration

A common problem with CV voltage control is notes playing in the wrong octave; when I first connected the Arturia microbrute I found the microbrute was playing two octaves higher, no matter what I set the keyboard range to. A … Continue reading

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Arturia Beatstep Pro part 1

I’ve made a lot of use of the original Beatstep for a couple of years now, and although the Beatstep pro has been out a while I hadn’t really got into the idea of having one until now. For some … Continue reading

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RPM2016 : Berlin 7679

Since 2012 Ive been participating in The RPMChallenge, which is in informal challenge to make an albums worth of material in the days of February. The minimum limit is 10 songs or 35 minutes of music- I like these sorts … Continue reading

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