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Improvising with Bastl Kastle

  Bastl instruments are well known for thinking outside the box of conventional synthesis, and the Kastle doesn’t disappoint- its one of the strangest and most intriguing things I’ve come across in a while. Its got to be one of … Continue reading

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Music Fail- God that sounds shit

There was an article posted in the Guardian website recently entitled Audio Fail¬†¬†that has got a lot of people in a lather; sound artists foamed at the mouth and spat blood on Facebook whilst more traditional composers behaved rather smugly … Continue reading

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Arturia Beatstep Pro Part 2- CV calibration

A common problem with CV voltage control is notes playing in the wrong octave; when I first connected the Arturia microbrute I found the microbrute was playing two octaves higher, no matter what I set the keyboard range to. A … Continue reading

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Improvising with Korg SQ1

Last Saturday I got my hands on a Korg SQ1 step sequencer. This was released with the Korg MS20 Kit and Module. Having been a long time Ms20 user, now using the MS20 mini this was a no-brainer; its built … Continue reading

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New sounds from forgotten boxes- EMU virtuoso 2000

In the dim and distant past, in an era of Sibelus V1-V2 and computers were not very powerful there was a 19 inch rack unit called the Virtuoso 2000, This was essentially a sample based synthesizer with two orchestral sample … Continue reading

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Recording and mixing analogue synths

The recent reissue of the Korg Ms20 with the Arp Odyssey being developed plus the growing eurorack modular market means more people are now having fun with these things once considered deeply unfashionable (I was there in the mid 80s). … Continue reading

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