Projects / Commissions

2012/2014 Commission for the 52 speaker Soundspiral portable rig

Blog and video about commission here:

2013/2014 Commission from organist and musicologist Dr. Lauren Redhead for Epiphany for Pipe Organ and Live electronics.


Piece was premièred at Colchester Sounds Sonic last year, performed as part of a Hub Short a Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival that year, and performed on Organ and Electronics tour this year.

Blog about the piece can be found here   and here

2012: LCO Cultural Olympiad/ Cool Fusion:

Distance/Time came about from speaking to a keen amateur 800 metres runner. I took this project on because I knew nothing about athletics and the research required challenged me to find out more. I was particularly interested in the athlete’s experience in competing – could I draw parallels with performing music? As I found out, there were parallels, indeed, and at the core were beat, rhythm, structure and mental focus. The piece begins with a heartbeat, gradually joined by other percussive sounds; meanwhile, we hear snippets going on around, of the introductions, spectators, etc. The race starts and the beat accelerates from standing still – then settles to a powerful evolving rhythm before exploding in the last quarter as the winning line approaches, with fanfares, excited spectators then winding down, gradually to standstill. The sounds are entirely electronic, and sampled from several live events.

2011: firstsite fanfares:

This was a project I curated at firstsite, Colchester

2010: Moths and Moonlight : artist residency

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