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#Synthatter- so far

Back in March 2020 lockdown, with all gigs cancelled for the forseeable future and production projects on indefinite hold, like many I divided my time between youtube, doing some work from home and jamming in the studio. I did learn … Continue reading

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Experimenting with algorithms and Novation Launchpad #1

As a result of recently working with Steve Gisby on his “Four iterative pieces” album and really following on from my minimalist TGV album (see previous blog) I had an idea to develop a series of algorithmic experiments using Ableton … Continue reading

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First Electromatronic concert 30th May 2015

For a while Ive wanted to promote & explore live electronic art music, which I feel is still underexplored, at least in the UK. Having collaborated successfully several times with Automatronic, which was set up by a collective of organists … Continue reading

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New sounds with old designs- Korg MS20 mini

Those that follow me on twitter and facebook will know I’ve finally got a Korg MS20 mini- having wanting one in my studio since long selling my second hand original in 1987, for a fraction of what they go for … Continue reading

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New Piece- Not Silent!

This piece is a personal response to “There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear. In fact, try as we may to make a silence, we … Continue reading

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Nancarrows Bombe

This is a further exploration of the Nancarrow player piano samples- this time realised as a percussive piece by putting samples, selected by octaves into drum machines (abletons Impulse) then programmed as if a percussion piece. The idea of the … Continue reading

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