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Going live without a laptop

For the last 12+ years whenever I did a live performance I inevitably based my rig around a laptop of some form, ableton Live, some controllers , a good soundcard and that was it. Gradually over the years as my … Continue reading

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Arturia Beatstep Pro part 1

I’ve made a lot of use of the original Beatstep for a couple of years now, and although the Beatstep pro has been out a while I hadn’t really got into the idea of having one until now. For some … Continue reading

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This album is the conclusion of the previous blogs about improvising with the SQ-1 (at least in part). There are some new tracks which extend the practice as a drum machine was added (easy to use the samples in Ableton … Continue reading

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Improvising with SQ-1 #6- More gated reverb drum machines and sequences

The next two pieces are developments of previous hardware set ups; the first one Sunday interlude uses the SQ-1’s duty cycle on Maximum, with slides between the notes, which are then fed into ┬ávery long reverb and delay. Harmony is … Continue reading

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Improvising with SQ1 #3 and introducing a Korg Volca beats into the experiment

Paris to Toulouse is essentially a continuation and slight delveopment of previous track TGV with a different beat structure: In this ongoing series of looking at techniques of Berlin School electronic music/ techno and taking those techniques into minimalist composition … Continue reading

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Improvising with Korg SQ-1#2

In this improvisation, following on from the first, I introduced the Arturia Beatstep and Microbrute to the Korg SQ1 and Korg MS20 mini setup. Due to issues with the SQ-1 and Ableton, I clocked the SQ-1 analogue sync in from … Continue reading

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First Electromatronic concert 30th May 2015

For a while Ive wanted to promote & explore live electronic art music, which I feel is still underexplored, at least in the UK. Having collaborated successfully several times with Automatronic, which was set up by a collective of organists … Continue reading

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