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Improvising (and composing) with the SQ1#5 Gated reverb drums and the longer game

This latest piece comes from a CSMA jam last Sunday when Chrissie plugged my volca beats drum machine into a reverb patched and gated it, making the classic 80s gated reverb sound much used in that time. I had forgotten … Continue reading

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Improvising with SQ-1 #4 with Korg volca beats/ Ms20 mini/ Microbrute / Blofeld / streichfett

This piece “Metropolis” is one of the more difficult pieces I have been devising, to so wholly live. In this the roles of the various instruments have moved round- the SQ-1 now makes atmospheric backgrounds, bass rumbles and squeals, the … Continue reading

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Spreadable Fat! (Waldorf Streichfett review)

I borrowed a string machine years ago that was very primitive, cant remember the make (this was 1986), it was old then, you had little control over the levels of the voices, but it had that 70s cheesy string sound … Continue reading

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