Online Tutorials


Ableton live tutorials:

This morning’s fun and games. Rather pleased to have a track labelled “Alien”. Reminded of just how good was when it came to teaching me Ableton, encouraging me not to be intimidated by it. Steve Gisby, Composer and Music educator, ICMP London

I offer skype/ google hangout sessions in the form of either pre determined courses or help you with an ongoing project, or discuss how ableton might help for a future project.

There are a huge number of tutorials on Ableton Live on youtube, what I offer is a one-to-one consultation in real time.

The majority of online tutorials are aimed at conventional music , I also offer perspectives from outside this box, i.e. people involved in sound art, complex time signatures, experimental ideas, avant garde approaches..

I offer impartial advice; I am  not affiliated with Ableton live or any other software developer.


Ableton 1: Out of the box

Introduction- Installation setting up- How the session screen works, How the arrangement screen works. Using the built in instruments, adding your own softsynths, controllers


Ableton 2:

Assigning controllers, doing a live gig, introduction to max for live, using Ableton as a DAW, using different time signatures and tempos in the same song. Using Ableton as an instrument in its own right- improvising using the session window advanced features with Launchpad, Push or similar.

Ableton 3:

Advanced max for live usage- making your own instrument and effects, using max to control the Ableton API, advanced production techniques possible in ableton, Getting the best out of the Simpler and Sampler instruments, using the wavetable instrument, keeping CPU costs as low as possible.


Cost: £45 GBp Per hour/ US$ 60 per hour

To make a booking or ask further enquiries press here