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Review: Tristram Cary Exhibition and concert 9th April 2016

There is a popular but hugely inaccurate thought that anything experimental, cutting edge, avant garde or in anyway progressive happens in big cosmopolitan cities. Although there is lots of historical evidence of this, its by no means the whole picture, … Continue reading

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Improvising (and composing) with the SQ1#5 Gated reverb drums and the longer game

This latest piece comes from a CSMA jam last Sunday when Chrissie plugged my volca beats drum machine into a reverb patched and gated it, making the classic 80s gated reverb sound much used in that time. I had forgotten … Continue reading

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Unsung electronic composers: John Baker of the Radiophonic Workshop

John Baker was one of the first pioneers at the BBC radiophonic workshop, he was very different from the others in that he came from a strictly musical background rather than a technical one Continue reading

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New sounds from forgotten boxes- EMU virtuoso 2000

In the dim and distant past, in an era of Sibelus V1-V2 and computers were not very powerful there was a 19 inch rack unit called the Virtuoso 2000, This was essentially a sample based synthesizer with two orchestral sample … Continue reading

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Return of the Prodigal analogue Synth?

The return of the Prodigal Analogue Synth? The recent re-issue of the Korg MS20-mini synthesizer last year brought back a flood of nostalgia in me; the original 1970s model was my first serious synthesizer, bought in a music shop in … Continue reading

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How sound art is continuous with music

This blog is the result of my thoughts on the subject, which Ive now tried to clarify, in my own head at least, prompted by a conversation with composer and musicologist Lauren Redhead Before I start: A common definition of … Continue reading

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