Credo- The journey so far part II

New character piece Ransom

I had been given some loose directions for ths one- Tesla Coils, the band coil, Merzbow (the sound artist). Im a fan of Coil to begin with but I really wanted to see through the intial directions to find my own creative point of beginning. I had in mind a drone piece that would consist of stacked tritones across octaves and shifting textures, resolved and (mostly) unresolved.For the structure I wanted to have sections which consisted of swells, interval changes, timbre changes and soft pulses of added notes. My thinking behind this structure is a pragmatic one- in the fnal edit all this music will be cropped right to to perhaps 10% of the original material, with this structure this is very easy to do without it sounding like a bad edit but also it can hang together in its complete from as it does here. At one point I had several drum machines playing rhythms, largely based around both Merzbows approach and Bristol Trip Hop c1994, all of which I rejected as being far too obvious, and really not very good.

The basis of this piece is F-B with added C then added F# (alternating) This comprises of the main drones, then this becomes staggered across the other synth lines and those four notes individually become the basis to spawn futher drones.

The metallic bowl sound is a patch I devised in an FM-based softsynth, its variation makes the ‘tingling’ sound at the end

The swell near the end is my trusty Fender Stratocaster, played with a Ebow, though a large valve amp, miked up. There are four tracks playing a counterpoint based around F-B-C- D#’, D-F#’

The organ parts are improvised variations varied futher by a complex plugin that is both a delay and a pitch shifter.

The music supervisor has not heard this yet, and may, of course, not like it!! That is the risk one takes with taking a concept, rejecting the obvious, and running with it!

Here is the piece







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