Improvising (and composing) with the SQ1#5 Gated reverb drums and the longer game

This latest piece comes from a CSMA jam last Sunday when Chrissie plugged my volca beats drum machine into a reverb patched and gated it, making the classic 80s gated reverb sound much used in that time. I had forgotten about the impact of this approach, pioneered by producer Steve Lillywhite, because its been out of fashion for some time. If you’ve not heard it, here’s a notable example:

In the new piece I thought of making the drums one of the main points to work towards in the drums as a compositional structure instead of just a rhythmic underpinning device. This time the piece is composed more than improvised with a specific pre conceived structure and aim, however much of the detail and execution is still improvised. This is important, especially as this piece is a deliberate longer format, which specifically builds by layers, and mutates- its very easy to loose focus. The piece is based on my impressions of the Atlantic ocean at Bordeaux, France, visible from the train

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Composer/ sound artist. Electronic musician. Modern classical composer
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