Improvising with SQ-1 #6- More gated reverb drum machines and sequences

The next two pieces are developments of previous hardware set ups; the first one Sunday interlude uses the SQ-1’s duty cycle on Maximum, with slides between the notes, which are then fed into  very long reverb and delay. Harmony is provided by the Waldorf Streichfett, being played live to the sequences. Also here instead of using the beatstep to send the microbrute notes directly Im using it as a clock for the Microbutes own inbuilt 74- step sequencer. In this scenario Im using the beatstep to trigger melodies stored, with the beatstep clocking the tempo/sync. I also play the microbute live when the sequencer is not running for an added layer of harmony

The next piece, about a pompous Parisian waiter, the piece is basically about drums- I used the Volca beats in Live mode, which allowed me to again, build up an iterative pattern, only this time played against a kick drum from another synth (Waldorf Blofeld), and like the volca beats, gated reverb-ed. The kick is controlled by the beststep and I manually change the patterns. This time with the Microbrute, which again, I used the inbuilt step sequencer, only this time I used the gated reverb on that, with the drum machine as trigger- The bassline is generated by VCO1 on the MS20, VCO2 generates the riff over the top, both controlled by the SQ-1

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Composer/ sound artist. Electronic musician. Modern classical composer
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